Salem Commercial Real Estate, Sales, Leasing, and Investment

Looking for commercial or industrial property in Salem, OR? Finding the ideal property, whether for running your business or expanding your portfolio shouldn’t have to be a burdensome process. Our real estate experts at Nathan Levin Co. can help you search for, sell, or lease commercial and industrial real estate.

With a profound knowledge of the Salem real estate market and experience as brokers in commercial and industrial real estate across the country, Nathan Levin Co.’s property professionals have the expertise you need. We’ve helped businesses and individuals in the following ways:

  • Finding a commercial space for new business owners
  • Helping business owners relocate to a better commercial or industrial property
  • Representing the interests of property owners as they search for commercial tenants
  • Negotiating with property owners on behalf of businesses looking for commercial or industrial real estate
  • Assessing properties to help individuals make real estate investment decisions

…and much more. If our team can help you with a real estate transaction in or near Salem, OR, we want to hear from you. We’re happy to answer your questions and our communicative team provides regular updates on your property transactions throughout the entire process. Our assessments and market analysis are always thorough, providing you with the insights you need to make the best property decision.

Commercial Real Estate Salem Oregon

Commercial Leasing in Salem

If you’re looking to lease commercial property in Salem, our Nathan Levin Co. realtors can assist. Salem is a thriving market for local and national businesses, and finding the right location is a must to attract the area’s top talent and customers. We help businesses of all sizes search for their perfect property to lease, including:

  • Local retail stores
  • Branches of regional, national, or international franchises
  • Hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes
  • Local service providers such as doctors, lawyers, and consultants

…and more. Several factors go into leasing the right property for your business, including location, size, condition of the property, maintenance and upkeep, and accessibility. Keeping all these details in mind as you search for commercial property — while also trying to run or start your business — is time-consuming.

Commercial Leasing Salem Oregon

Instead of handling this yourself, you can let the real estate experts at Nathan Levin Co. do it for you. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll start identifying properties for you, as well as provide you with guidance on how to choose the best commercial property to lease for your business.

We can even handle negotiations with the property owner on your behalf and represent your interests in the transaction. As your representative, we’ll help ensure you get the best deal for your money.

Salem Industrial Real Estate

Looking for industrial property is no easy task. In addition to typical real estate factors like location and cost of rent, you may also have other requirements such as refrigeration or ventilation. Finding a property that meets your needs can be a challenge, but working with an industrial real estate expert can help.

Nathan Levin Co. offers a full suite of services to help you find, purchase, or rent your ideal industrial real estate in Salem, Oregon. We know the market well so we know what to look for and we do an in-depth market analysis for each of our clients. We also offer guidance for securing the industrial property of your dreams.

Industrial Real Estate Salem Oregon

Finding a realtor that knows how to handle industrial property searches isn’t as easy as you think. Many realtors specialize in finding homes and private properties; fewer know what to look for in industrial property. When you need a Salem realtor to help you identify a suitable industrial space you need someone with:

  • In-depth knowledge of the local market: Your realtor should understand key information about development costs, rents and lease types, typical warehouse design, average transport costs, and other details related to industrial real estate. A realtor only acquires this kind of knowledge from working with the Salem industrial real estate market.
  • Connections in the industry: A realtor should be able to connect you to property managers, attorneys, lenders, surveyors, or other investors that you may need in the acquisition and maintenance of your industrial property.
  • Industrial real estate expertise: Industrial property is a wide umbrella that can refer to properties for heavy manufacturing, light manufacturing, distribution warehouses, showroom buildings, data centers, or development spaces. Make sure your realtor knows which kind of space you need and has the expertise to help you find it.

Looking for Investment Real Estate in Salem

In today’s market, property is one of the best investments you can make. The specialists at Nathan Levin Co. can help you find the right investment real estate for your needs. Investing in property is a big decision and can be a lot to take on if you don’t work with a good realtor. You’ll become a landlord with a mortgage, property taxes, and insurance to pay. To make your new investment profitable you’ll also have to find tenants, which requires regular maintenance for your property and resolving your tenants’ problems.

Becoming a commercial or industrial property owner comes with many responsibilities, but it’s still a sound investment. Whether you choose to collect rent on it or let it appreciate and sell it, you can turn a profit as a commercial property owner. The returns on commercial properties tend to be higher than those for single-family homes as well. As a landlord for a commercial or industrial space, you’re also likely to have business tenants with limited hours of operation. Residential landlords run the risk of getting frantic midnight calls that something’s gone wrong with their properties; commercial landlords less so.

Real Estate for Business Salem Oregon

By becoming a commercial or industrial investor you also start building relationships with small business owners in Salem. If your business tenants offer services to the public, they’ll have a vested interest in maintaining the quality of their operating space, taking good care of your property.

Lease Representation for Salem Property Owners

As a property owner, you want to take care of your investment. If you decide to generate revenue from your commercial or industrial property by leasing it to business tenants, you will want to find a business that respects your property as much as you do. Most commercial leases are long-term so you’ll have to deal with whoever you choose for a while. You want them to be easy to work with, responsible, and able to make rent payments.

Finding a good business tenant as a commercial landlord isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Instead of advertising the property, searching through applications, and interviewing potential tenants yourself, our commercial lease representatives at Nathan Levin Co. can do all that for you. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your Salem property to determine its advantages and areas for improvements. We’ll be able to take your property’s assets and promote them to interested businesses, distinguishing your site from other properties in the area.

We also negotiate with the prospective tenants on your behalf. We keep your best interests in mind and don’t hesitate to push for the best lease terms for you, as the property owner. We aim to get you the highest rent amount possible with the lowest amount of risk.

Tenant Representation for Salem Businesses

In addition to representing landlords in commercial and industrial property transactions, Nathan Levin Co. also represents tenants. We liaise with commercial landlords on your behalf, as well as help you search for the ideal property for your business. Our job is to locate multiple sites in and around Salem that would best suit your needs and advise you on which one we think represents the most value for you with tenant representation.

Lease Representation Salem Oregon

Before we start the search for your new commercial or industrial real estate, we listen carefully to your company’s needs. You might need access to parking, prefer newer buildings, or require other amenities that will make your business thrive. At Nathan Levin Co., we have in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate market so we can easily find you a property that fits your business. We’ll show you enough sites in Salem and the surrounding area to give you a good sense of what to expect from the current market and offer advice on which properties we think will be the best value for you.

You want a nice property but you also need a landlord who’s easy to deal with and maintains the site properly. And you want to pay a reasonable rent. We interface with landlords for you and even conduct the negotiations, working to get you the best price for an ideal property for your business. With our experience in real estate, we’ll know if the landlord is trying to cut you a bad deal or isn’t being forthright about property defects.

Salem Industrial Leasing

Leasing an industrial property in Salem can be a tall order if you’re unsure what to look for. It can also be troublesome dealing with landlords if you’re unfamiliar with industrial property. Salem’s industrial real estate market is robust, with many spaces available and owners looking for tenants. All those options can seem overwhelming for a new business or a corporation starting a branch in Salem. You need to be sure you’re getting an industrial property that meets your specifications.

Industrial Leasing Salem Oregon

Nathan Levin Co.’s industrial realtors can connect businesses looking for industrial space with property owners. With our market expertise and experience with industrial lease negotiations, we’re prepared to assist both tenants and landlords in the leasing process. Ensuring you have the right realtor for the job isn’t always easy, either. You need someone with connections in Salem’s industrial real estate market, who can introduce you to local property managers, foremen, safety inspectors, and other specialists whose services you’ll need to start using your industrial property. You also need a realtor willing to do the extra research needed to find you the perfect space, and who has the tools and expertise to conduct thorough analyses. Your industrial realtor should also keep your best interests in mind and provide advice tailored to your business.

Commercial Property Buying in Salem

Investing in commercial or industrial property can be a huge benefit to your portfolio — but only if you choose the right property. Purchasing a space only to have to sink more money into is discouraging and not the reason you decided to invest. As Salem commercial and industrial realtors, we can help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing your new property. We can also advise you on what you need to know as a landlord, should you decide to lease your property.

When looking for a commercial property in Salem, keep these factors in mind:

  • Level of investment or return: The return on your investment could be affected by several characteristics, including location, infrastructure, available workforce, and socio-economic factors. Work with a realtor to decide what you’re willing to invest and what return you want to see.
  • Investment duration: How long do you want to hold onto this investment? Consider if you’re willing to turn it around quickly or keep it and generate profits long-term.
  • Timeframe: When would you like to invest in property? Can you afford to wait until the right property becomes available, or would you prefer to take advantage of a local opportunity right away?
  • Type of property: The types of commercial properties available in Salem vary widely and you’ll want to think about which one fits your needs and investing experience best. If you’ve renovated retail shops or worked with commercial landlords previously, you may consider investing in properties that play to those strengths.

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