Industrial Leasing

Industrial Leasing in Salem, OR

Salem, OR is an excellent market for industrial real estate. Navigating that market as a new or even as an experienced property owner can get tricky, however. As a tenant searching for industrial real estate for your business, the process can also be difficult. Both property owners and potential tenants should know what they’re looking for before setting out to lease or rent a property.

At Nathan Levin Co., we help both industrial landlords and tenants with the leasing process. We’re based in Salem and Marion County and have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market here, as well as multiple contacts in industrial leasing.

We’re dedicated to each of our clients and work to get the best deal no matter what side of the leasing process they’re on.

What to Know Before Signing a Warehouse Lease

Renting a warehouse for your business isn’t the same as renting a retail shop, office space, restaurant, or another type of commercial property. You have special considerations to take into account. Here are some questions we’ll ask industrial property owners when we’re helping you find your perfect warehouse space:

  • Is equipment included? Some warehouses include equipment with the lease, others require that you invest in equipment yourself. We’ll make sure you find the right one for your business.
  • Does the space accommodate special stock requirements? If you are stocking perishable goods, hazardous materials, or other things that have unique requirements, you will need a warehouse that covers those needs.
  • Is there enough room to expand? You probably envision growth for your business, so you will need a space that lets you expand in the future. But you don’t want too much unused space, so finding a good balance is essential.
  • How accessible is the site for staff? You want to be sure your employees can get to and from the site easily and that there is plenty of parking for them.
  • Does do you need special zoning permission? Depending on the type of business you run, you may need different zoning permissions. Retailers may need permission to use a warehouse as a retail stock center, for example.
  • How accessible is the site for delivery trucks? It’s vital that you can get your stock in and out of your warehouse without much trouble.
  • Who’s in charge of maintenance for the warehouse? Some industrial property owners provide maintenance services for their warehouses, others leave it up to the tenants. We’ll help you find a warehouse that meets your needs, whether you’re ready to provide your own maintenance or not.
  • What are the annual running costs? Powering a warehouse is expensive. We’ll find the numbers for electricity, heating, air conditioning, and other utility services you’ll need to help you make the best decision.

Helping You Become an Industrial Property Owner

When looking to invest in real estate, most people don’t consider industrial property as a first choice. It’s not seen as exciting as investing in residential or commercial real estate, but industrial properties and warehouses make up a crucial part of the economy in Salem. Industrial property can be a sound investment if you manage to find the right property and the right tenants.

Industrial property varies widely, from light manufacturing facilities and warehouses, to growing and cold storage facilities. They also come in different classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A properties are the newest, with the best amenities and Class C properties are the oldest, with the lowest rating factors. Class B properties fall in the middle.

We can help you determine the best type of industrial property to invest in. There are several factors to consider beyond type of facility and Class, bearing in mind that Class C properties are typically purchased for renovation or redevelopment.

Another benefit to owning industrial property is that tenants often sign long-term leases, which provide you with a steady cashflow. As industrial leasing experts, we can help you identify the most worthwhile tenants who will help fortify your investment, rather than detract from it. We’ll sort through the candidates for you until we find one that matches your needs as a property owner.

Industrial Real Estate Experts

Are you an industrial landlord who needs help finding a tenant? Is your business looking for a particular type of industrial property? Give the experts at Nathan Levin Co. a call. We’re always happy to answer your questions about industrial real estate in Salem and Marion County.