Tenant Representation

Commercial and Industrial Tenant Representation in Salem, Oregon

Our Salem real estate experts will represent your interests as a commercial or industrial tenant during negotiations with the property owner.

Tenant Representation for Commercial Real Estate

Tenant representation is exactly what it sounds like: Our agents liaise with commercial landlords on your behalf, helping you find the best commercial property for your business and protecting your interests throughout lease negotiations.

It’s the job of a tenant rep to look for multiple sites that could suit your business, and show you the best ones. As your tenant representation, we listen carefully to your company’s needs, whether you need access to parking, prefer newer buildings, or look for other amenities in your commercial property. With in-depth knowledge of the Salem commercial real estate market, we’ll have no trouble finding your ideal properties.

Commercial Tenant Representation Salem OR

A good tenant rep will show you enough sites to give you a thorough understanding of the market. Our goal isn’t just finding you a good location for your business, it’s helping you choose the best location available, relative to the others. To that end, we help you compare and contrast each property we show you, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Experts in Commercial Tenant Negotiation

In addition to finding commercial locations that best suit your business, we also represent your interests in negotiations with landlords. It pays to have experienced real estate agents on your side when setting the terms of a commercial lease. Why? Because we’ll know if the landlord is cutting you a bad deal or overestimating the value of their property. We also know which of your interests to push hard on and which you can afford to be more flexible with.

By working with a tenant rep, you save on time, resources, and money. You don’t have to spend your valuable time looking for Salem commercial properties, nor do you have to send any of your employees to do it. You can focus on the daily operations of your business while we do the searching for you. As real estate experts, we also conduct the thorough market analysis you’ll need to make the best decision about your new location.

You end up with cost savings by working with a tenant representative because we help you get the best location for your budget. We don’t let any commercial landlords take advantage of you either, and ensure you get a fair deal on your new business location.

Industrial Real Estate Tenants

Our real estate experts also assist with industrial tenant representation. Looking for industrial space can be more challenging than commercial space, as you may have particular considerations or require certain building features. Although Salem has an excellent market for industrial property, trying to find a location that meets all your needs on your own can be difficult.

We listen to your requirements and gain an understanding of your business before we start looking at industrial properties. Our specialists take every factor into account, including your budget and desired amenities. Once we find good locations, we help you choose one that you can truly envision your business in. We negotiate with the property owner to ensure the terms of the lease are favorable to you as well.

Contact Nathan Levin Co. for Tenant Representation in Salem

Our full-service tenant representation services allow you to focus on running or opening your business while we take care of finding you a property. If you’re looking for a tenant rep that will locate your perfect business property and look out for your needs, contact Nathan Levin Co. today.