Lease Representation

Landlord Representation for Commercial and Industrial Properties in Salem, Oregon

We’re on your side when you search for commercial and industrial tenants. We’ll help you get the most rent with the least risk.

Commercial Lease Negotiation

As a property owner, you want to find tenants who will respect your building as much as you do. You’ll have to deal with your tenant on a long-term basis, so you want someone who will be responsible and easy to work with. Finding a good tenant should be straightforward, but often, it’s not.

As landlord representatives, we take the hassle out of finding a suitable tenant for your commercial property. Our services are comprehensive, so we do a thorough assessment of your property to determine what makes it attractive for prospective tenants. We promote your site to businesses looking for commercial space as well, showcasing the qualities that make your building distinct.

Commercial Lease Representation Salem OR

We’ll also arrange visits from prospective tenants and conduct lease negotiations on your behalf. When we negotiate, we keep your best interests in mind and push for the best lease terms for you. At Nathan Levin Co., our aim is to get you the highest amount of rent possible with the least amount of risk.

The Role of a Lease Representative

Our specialists work to ensure you get the highest amount of rent, but rent is only part of what makes a good tenant. We also search for businesses that will pay on time, respect your rules regarding the proper use of the building, and who can be trusted to communicate with you when there are problems.

We also search for commercial tenants who have either thriving businesses or thorough plans for a new business. Our experts ask for financial reports and summaries to see if the business will continue to perform well in a new location. You don’t want to sign a lease with a commercial tenant to have their business go under in a few months.

Finding, screening, and negotiating with tenants are all part of our lease representation services. In addition to our deep knowledge of the Salem real estate market, we also have a strong understanding of tenant demographics, occupancy rates, and leasing rates. When you work with our Salem real estate experts, we take care of everything for you.

Industrial Lease Negotiation

At Nathan Levin Co., we also offer industrial lease negotiation. As an owner of industrial property, you might struggle to find the perfect tenants. Businesses searching for industrial space are less common than those searching for commercial space, but Salem still has a sizable demographic for industrial tenants. Rather than sorting through these prospective tenants yourself, our experts can do it for you.

We do a full assessment of your industrial property to understand its strengths, important features, and what might appeal to industrial tenants. We then search for and screen businesses that will be a good fit for you before presenting them to you. During negotiations of the lease terms, we work to secure a favorable rental agreement, security deposits, tenant improvement allowances, and other concessions from both parties. With our years of experience working in industrial real estate in Salem, we have the expertise needed to secure the best possible deal for you as a landlord or property owner.

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If you’re a landlord with commercial or industrial property seeking responsible tenants, our experts can help. We assist with each step of the leasing process to best represent your interests. Contact us today with your questions or to discuss your property.