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Industrial Real Estate in Salem, Oregon

Our experienced industrial real estate experts offer a full suite of services to help you find, purchase, rent, or lease your ideal industrial property in Salem, Oregon and Marion County. We provide guidance and analysis to help you make the best decisions regarding your industrial property.

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Industrial Realtor in Salem

Searching for industrial property isn’t so straightforward. Most businesses have specific needs that must be met in their industrial sites, whether it’s an ideal location, proper ventilation, plenty of loading docks, or several other important features. Trying to hunt down an industrial property that suits your operations can be a hassle when you’re not familiar with the industrial real estate market in Salem and Marion County. Our real estate professionals have both extensive knowledge of the Salem market as well as years of experience as industrial property realtors across the country. With our expertise, we can provide you with the guidance and thorough property analysis you require.

Industrial Land for Sale in Salem

Renting an industrial space is one thing, but purchasing land for industrial property development is another. It’s not always immediately evident if a plot of industrial land will be suited to your property interests. Our experts at NLCO have assisted both businesses and property developers with identifying the perfect land for their industrial development. With each of our clients, we take the same analytical approach. When searching for industrial land for sale, we do a full assessment of potential plots to ensure they have the attributes that you need.

Salem OR Industrial Realtor

Lease and Tenant Representation for Industrial Properties

We can provide industrial lease representation for both owners and tenants seeking to rent an industrial property. When you own industrial property and search for a viable tenant, you want to find a company that values your property the same way that you do. You also don’t want to lease your industrial site to a risky company that may pose problems for you later on. With our lease representation services, we’ll manage all aspects of finding tenants for your property. We’ll screen potential tenants, looking for the perfect match for you.

As tenant representatives, we’ll look out for your business interests as you search for the ideal industrial property. Finding an excellent industrial property doesn’t help you if the terms of the lease are not favorable to your business. We’ll negotiate with the landlord on your behalf, seeking the best agreement for your business interests.

Investing in Industrial Real Estate in Salem

Industrial real estate investment can be difficult if you aren’t sure what to look for. If you want to invest but also want to see returns and minimize risk, our property specialists can help you identify the best opportunities for industrial real estate investment in Salem and Marion County.

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