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Salem Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Services

Searching for the perfect commercial or industrial real estate services in Salem, Oregon? Whether you’re a local franchise looking to add on more retail space, a property investor interested in developing and renting industrial real estate, or a new business owner searching for your base of operations in Salem, Nathan Levin Co. can help.

We’re full-service commercial realtors, helping you locate the perfect property, representing your interests in a real estate transaction, and offering expert advice as commercial real estate specialists. We know the Salem market well and regularly conduct thorough analyses for our clients. Our guidance is backed by experience and research.

What does a Commercial Realtor do?

Before hiring a commercial or industrial realtor, you should know exactly how their services will assist you and your business. A commercial real estate agent helps with the lease, management, or sales of commercial or industrial property. They also advise people who want to invest in or improve commercial real estate.

If you want to purchase and develop a retail space or warehouse, for example, you will end up coordinating with industry leaders, government administrators, zoning officers, attorneys, accountants, financial institutions, appraisers, and several other specialists to develop your property. Having to work with all these agencies, entities, and consultants on your own can be overwhelming, especially if property investment isn’t a full-time endeavor for you. Commercial and industrial realtors help you manage all these contracts and advise you on the best decisions when managing your property.

Commercial real estate agents also represent business tenants and property owners in real estate transactions. If you are a business owner looking for retail space to rent, your commercial realtor can represent your interests with potential landowners to help you get a rental contract that is favorable to you. If you own commercial property and want to find tenants to lease it to, your realtor can help you sort through tenant applications and identify businesses that seem like a good fit for you.

Other things that commercial and industrial real estate agents do include:

  • Assist with property management
  • Assist with property leasing
  • Hold or sell analyses
  • Property sale and marketing
  • Property investment analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Site selection
  • Valuations of properties or businesses
  • Feasibility studies

How do you know if you’re getting professional real estate services?

When you move your business to a new location you need a realtor with the right experience and qualifications. We’ve worked with many business owners in the Salem community and we can tell what the signs are that your commercial realtor is not a good fit for you:

  • The agent doesn’t prioritize you. Not returning your calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time or being unavailable to take appointments with you do not make a good commercial realtor. Of course, they may have other clients to work with, but they should still make you feel like your time is valuable to them. If they don’t, they’re probably not the agent for you.
  • The agent skimps on advice. You’re working with a commercial real estate agent for their expertise. If they offer no or little guidance on the real estate transaction, then something is off. They may lack the experience needed to advise you and ensure everything goes smoothly. Your real estate agent should know exactly what they’re talking about and be able to back up their expertise with experience.
  • The agent leaves a bad first impression. First impressions are important in real estate transactions, especially when looking for the right agent. How the agent comes off indicates their level of professionalism, organization, and confidence. A good impression not only bodes well for working with them but also provides an indication of how they’ll greet potential landlords or tenants on your behalf.

Finding the right agent to work with can be tough; you want to be sure they understand your needs fully and work to meet them as much as possible. They should make your business feel like a priority, offer plenty of advice, and leave you with a good impression.

Work with Experts in Salem Commercial Real Estate

At Nathan Levin Co., our experts work tirelessly to help you purchase, lease, or find a commercial property that fits your needs. When you’re ready to find your ideal property in Salem, get in contact with our experts and we will be happy to help!