660 High St NE

Salem, OR 97301

20.40 /SF/YR

This building was originally constructed in 1966 for a bank. It was then operated as a call center until today. The quality of the building and infrastructure is fantastic. Some of the finishes are dated, and flooring needs to be replaced. Owner is open to negotiation on remodel for a credit worthy tenant. The property sits just north of the CBD for downtown Salem. This area has an additional parking tax adding to operation expense. As close to the downtown has this property is, it benefits from the synergy of downtown. Unlike all other close in retail spaces, this has a huge parking lot which opens to the opportunity for varying retail sales that have higher vehicle traffic.

This building has all the basic requirements for a call center. The prior tenant was an answering service for other businesses during their off hours. The building has substantial internet and phone service along with a small back up generator for the computer system. There is a very large parking lot on the east side of the building for employees and customers. The space needs some updates and owners are willing to negotiate some updates or remodel as part of the lease with a well qualified tenant.

Listed rate may not include certain utilities, building services and property expenses.

  • Mostly Open Floor Plan Layout
  • 4 Private Offices
  • Space In Need of Renovation
  • Fully Carpeted
  • Fully Built Out as Call Center
  • Fits 10 – 30 People
  • 1 Conference Room
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • High Ceilings

Built in: 1966


660 High St NE

Salem, OR 97301

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