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When you’re looking for industrial real estate for your Portland business, you likely have a long list of specifications to meet. Aside from typical property considerations like location and cost of rent, you may also need special refrigeration or ventilation. Finding the right industrial property can be challenging, and our experienced real estate experts can help.

At Nathan Levin Co., we offer a full suite of services to help you identify, purchase, rent, or lease your perfect industrial property in Portland, Oregon and Marion County. For each client we work with, we provide in-depth market analysis and full guidance throughout the entire process.

If you’re interested in industrial real estate investing, we can offer our expert advice as well. We’ll help you ensure that you’re investing in valuable property and can even represent your interests when you search for industrial tenants.

Portland OR Industrial Real Estate

How to Find an Industrial Realtor in Portland, OR

When you start your search for industrial real estate or land for sale, you may not know where to start. Finding industrial property isn’t the same as looking for residential or even commercial property. Industrial spaces are less common and have other considerations you may not have accounted for.

To help you identify industrial spaces that could suit your purposes, you need a realtor specialized in industrial property in Portland. A real estate agent with the right experience will know the market well and be able to advise you as you choose a property.

What should you look for in an industrial realtor when you start the process? Keep these factors in mind:

  • Deep knowledge of local industrial property information: An industrial realtor should know all about the industrial property market in Portland and Marion County, as well as key information about development costs, rents and lease types, typical warehouse design, average transport costs, and other details. An industrial realtor gains this knowledge by working with many clients who are seeking to rent or buy industrial property.
  • Industry connections: When acquiring industrial property, you’ll need personnel such as property managers, attorneys, lenders, surveyors, or other investors. Ideally, your real estate agent has a large enough network to be able to refer you to these specialists and can vouch for their expertise.
  • Expertise in your desired property type: Industrial property comes in several types, including heavy manufacturing, light manufacturing, distribution warehouses, data centers, showroom buildings, and research and development spaces. It helps to have an industrial real estate agent who either specializes in the type of space you need, or is familiar with your particular requirements.

At Nathan Levin Co., we couple our extensive knowledge of the Marion County industrial real estate market with our many years of experience as industrial realtors across the country to provide our clients with all the guidance and resources they need to find their ideal property. We conduct regular market analyses of Portland properties for our various clients, so we always have the latest information to help you make the wisest decision.

What You Should Know Before Renting Warehouse Space Available

If you’re looking to rent warehouse space for the first time, you might feel intimidated. It’s hard to know what to look for – and what not to look for – if you’re unfamiliar with leasing industrial space. The best way to ensure you’re getting the right Portland industrial real estate for your needs is to do your research and ask as many questions to the property owner or your industrial realtor as possible.

What questions should you ask? We’ve made a helpful list:

  • What are the operating expenses? Most operation costs include insurance, taxes, and maintenance, but you should always check. Know exactly what you’ll pay for and what your landlord will pay for.
  • Is the building delivered with full HVAC? Typically, industrial buildings do not come with full heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installed. You will, therefore, be responsible for your own units and must determine if you need to buy new ones or if a previous tenant left some units behind that you can use.
  • How much maintenance will the property owner take care of? Property maintenance and repairs are long-term expenses, so they should be the owner’s responsibility. Find out exactly what the owner will maintain on the property and ask for specifics. For example, will the owner keep up the parking area near the building?
  • How is the square footage calculated? Not all industrial property owners calculate square footage the same way. You should pay for the usable square footage because it’s the space you will occupy. Find out how the landlord measured so you know what you’re paying for and if it’s enough to suit your needs.
  • Does the building have the right electrical capacity? Electricity is an important concern to keep in mind for industrial buildings. If the owner isn’t sure of what kind of power is available, have an electrical engineer do an assessment.
  • Is there a possibility to expand your business? If the property has other tenants, ask about their renewal options. You’ll want to know in case you plan to expand your operations in the future. It’s also possible the other tenants may have an expansion option on your space, so if you end up having to move you will want the owner to cover those expenses.
  • Is the building zoned properly for your use? The building should be properly zoned for what you want to use it for. If you’re not sure what the zoning requirements are for your type of business, you can ask your industrial realtor. If the property isn’t zoned correctly, you may have to pay a zoning charge to the landlord.

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At Nathan Levin Co., we ask all the right questions to ensure an industrial property meets your needs. We also go through the process with you every step of the way, and happily answer any questions you may have.

If you’re ready to rent, lease, or invest in industrial property in Portland and Marion County, contact Nathan Levin Co. today and we’ll be happy to assist you.