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When you start a new business, you have a lot to worry about. Between creating a business plan, hiring employees, and searching for investors, you have little time to look for a commercial property. The space you operate your business in is a crucial part of getting up and running, however. You need a Portland commercial real estate that is not only suited for your type of business, but that also fits in your budget and is situated at an ideal location.

Whether you’re opening a restaurant, retail store, corporate office, bank, or private clinic, you need the perfect space for your business. At Nathan Levin Co., our experts can help make it happen. With our in-depth knowledge of the Portland, OR commercial real estate market, we have the unique qualifications to guide you through your search for your ideal commercial property. We’ve helped many new businesses find their dream space in Portland and Marion County, as well as assisted existing businesses with relocations to new properties.

Portland OR Commercial Real Estate

How to Find a Commercial Realtor in Portland, OR

Your search for a commercial property will only be successful if you work with an experienced realtor. What should you look for in a commercial real estate agent and what questions should you ask?

  • Commercial real estate expertise: When you need help finding commercial space for your business, an agent that specializes in residential property won’t cut it. Searching for residential property differs considerably from finding commercial real estate and you have other factors to consider if you want to find a space for your business. Look for a realtor who specializes in commercial properties and has experience working with businesses of your type.
  • Tenant representation experience: The real estate agent you work with should have experience brokering rental agreements for business tenants. They’ll be representing your interests with your potential landlord, working to get you the best deal on a commercial property possible. Before you agree to work with a commercial realtor, ensure they know how to represent commercial tenants.
  • Familiarity with your desired geographical area: Your commercial real estate agent should have extensive knowledge of Portland and Marion County. They should have a good sense of the market in the area you want to operate your business in and understand how deals are done between landlords and tenants in this market.

At Nathan Levin Co., our experts have years of experience working in commercial real estate all over the US. Plus, we’re able to represent tenants in business leasing deals and we’ve carried out countless assessments and analyses of the Portland commercial real estate market. We have the tools and knowledge to help you find and rent your perfect business property.

What You Should Know Before Investing in Commercial Land for Sale

Leasing commercial space is one way to find a good location for your business, but it’s not the only option. You can also purchase your own land and build a property yourself. Or you might be interested in becoming a commercial landlord who rents space out to businesses. Just as searching for commercial property to rent takes particular knowledge, so does finding commercial land for sale.

Here are our best tips for investing in commercial property:

  • Remember that property types differ: Commercial real estate is a big umbrella of property types that can include industrial, office, retail, multifamily, and special purpose. Those are only the main sectors, however, as you can also find self-storage, hotel, medical, and land for sale on the commercial real estate market. It’s important to know which types perform the best in your desired market before investing.
  • Know the market: Every real estate market has its quirks. Before buying in Portland or Marion County, you should have a thorough understanding of its market. Without market research, you may invest in a property type that already saturates the market, resulting in a poor investment.
  • Learn market cycles: Real estate markets go through cycles and if you know how they work, you can buy when the market is low and sell when the market is high. It helps to have a commercial real estate expert who knows what the indicators of market cycles are, so you can determine the best opportunities for your investment.
  • Take advantage of the due diligence period: Before buying a commercial property, you have a due diligence period during which you can review documentation and financials, as well as conduct surveys, inspections, and feasibility studies. It can be hard to wait and get all this research done when you’re excited about a property, but it will pay off later.
  • Account for cost contingencies: With any investment comes uncertainties. Set aside cost contingencies, or funds reserved for unexpected expenses that arise as you lease, build, renovate, or change management of your property.
  • Be flexible with your timeline: When you establish a timeline to build, renovate, or lease your commercial property, be prepared to make changes or push dates back. There will always be challenges that come up that you didn’t foresee, so you need to keep your timeline flexible.

Nathan Levin Co. can assist you with finding your ideal commercial land. We know the Portland market well and can help you understand the cycles it goes through so you can make a sound purchasing decision. We can also help you assess a property to ensure it’s a valuable investment for you.

Helping You Find Portland Commercial Property

When you need to find commercial property in Marion County, you need an expert to guide you and provide unparalleled advice. We’ve helped businesses of all types and sizes locate their ideal property and we’ve helped commercial real estate investors identify the best land for sale for their needs. Nathan Levin Co. is dedicated to each one of our customers, working diligently to help meet your commercial real estate needs, no matter what they are.

If you’re ready to look for commercial real estate in Portland, get in contact with us today!